Review: New Directions, by Jude Pittman and Jamie Hill 5


4 out of 5 Stars

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This story was not what I thought it would be by the blurb about it. This was a really well developed story line which I was a little worried about, I enjoyed the characters and felt like they were very personable.  I will be really interested to see where book two takes this story after the ending of book 1.

Reviewed by Brave One

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Texas PI Kelly McWinter is back in action, mixing business with pleasure on a long delayed honeymoon. Providing security for a nominee at the Country Music Awards sounds like glitz and glamour, but Kelly and Gillian find themselves chasing kidnappers in California and tracking a killer in Las Vegas.


Kelly McWinter parked his pickup, fondly referred to as old Blue, in the garage behind Lake Country Stables. His wife Gillian inherited the property from her father and when she and Kelly married a year ago. He’d agreed to give up his cabin at Indian Creek and move into her sprawling ranch house just outside of Fort Worth. It hadn’t taken much convincing. Kelly loved the ranch, everything from the white rail fence surrounding the immaculate grounds to the well-worn and comfortable swing that welcomed him to the back porch. He and Gillian spent many a hot summer night sipping iced tea or cold beer and rocking contentedly in the sultry Texas evenings.

Gillian came through the screen door with two glasses of tea just as Kelly mounted the steps and headed for the swing. “Hey there! Not that I’m complaining, but what are you doing home in the middle of the afternoon?”

“Wel-l-l-l,” Kelly drawled out the l’s, “I stopped by the Hideaway and Stella made me an offer.”

“Ah ha. She’s at it again is she? I’ll have to have a talk with that woman.” Gillian laughed and handed Kelly his glass.

Stella Davis married Kelly’s best friend three years ago, and after a rocky start, she and Gillian became best friends. Stella had proven a rather persistent thorn in Kelly’s side with her constant queries about when he was going to tie Gillian up before someone else came along and swept her up in his saddle. It had taken another year, but Kelly finally asked Gillian to become his wife and she had happily accepted.

“Actually, I think you might like this brainstorm of hers. You remember her niece, Marcy?”

About The Author:


Jude Pittman and her husband John live in Calgary, Alberta. Retired after several decades of working in law firms, Jude is part-owner and publisher of Books We Love.  Jude is the author of the Kelly McWinter PI mysteries, Deadly Secrets, Deadly Betrayal and Deadly Consequences..   Jude has also published the novella Bad Medicine


Jamie was born and raised in a beautiful, mid-sized town in the Mid-west.  When she’s not working at the day job she loves, Jamie enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and watching movies (the scarier the better!) In her ‘spare time’ she can often be found writing, editing, or doing something more mundane like housework.

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